Venus Body Oil


When Vapor becomes Venus it's bound to be a body party! Welcome back a  ustomer favorite  new name and new sizes. This is not your standard body oil as it is infused with Rose Quartz crystal.

This body oil is extremely hydrating while it leaves the skin smelling extremely edible with a light scent of rose & lemon. Venus Body Oil is so lightweight it is considered a dry body oil due to the absence of greasy, sticky residue. 


Ingredients: Safflower Oil, Squalane Oil, Rosehip Oil, Camilla Seed Oil, Essential Oils

When to Use It

As needed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Erica Agee
I loveeeeee

I purchased this product and it was absolutely amazing!!! It made my skin feel soo soft and moisturized

Mia B.
I loveeeee!

I love this product! It changed my lifeee

Veronica D.
I Love it.

Vapor has become part of my skin care routine. I use it in the mornings and right before bed.

I have excessively dry skin and very sensitive. So using Vapor allows me to get the moisturized feeling without using alot and no flare ups. A few drops goes a long way. This was a great buy. I'll definitely buy again.

Tiffany T.
Heaven sent!

This oil is amazing. The why it’s change my skin in only a week is remarkable. I have bad Eczema and apply the oil to all of my spots and see difference already. This will definitely be one of my go to products.